Submissions Join The Fraternity


Here at under the bleachers we believe in one thing it's always party time .

We want your best or worst in some cases as long as its fun and humorous we are down to publish it .

This is not a Ezine for political rants or preaching we want humorous work .

Poetry no limit on how many you can send we keep the editor locked up in the basement it gets lonely down there so send him some work won't you ?

We take short stories as well.
As long as its all in the name of fun and a goodtime feel free to shoot it our way .

Please send all work in word doc format or copy and pasted in the body of the email.
Include a short bio and a authors pic.

We will get to you fast so be ready to join the party .

This is the place where the lunatics run the asylum .

So no worries on offending anyone here .

Please send all submissions to

Please include in subject line UTB and your name .

Let the party begin .

See you under the bleachers .

Remember bring booze .

Sincerely .


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